Go Deep Freediving is part of a small group of different companies – all related to freediving. We are based on Panglao Island in the Philippines since 2015, but we have our roots in the Netherlands, where we founded our first freediving business in 2012.

We started developing Go Deep Freediving early 2020, just before COVID hit the Philippines. Now well over a year later, we established the other companies’ financial security in the Apnea Sports Group. While at the same time, we’ve successfully launched some incredible high-quality and innovative Go Deep Freediving products.

In the coming years, we’ll continue to develop the brand further. Go Deep will be one of the group’s leading companies and brands. We’ll keep management and engineering in Panglao, while we manage sales, distribution, production and warehousing efforts in the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong and of course also in the Philippines since the Philippines has become a global hub for freediving.


International Retail & Distribution - 12 years
Freediving Instructors - 9 years
Engineering - 8 years
Sales in Business-to-Business - 8 years
Dive Centre Owners - 6 years

As a small yet growing and ambitious company, we are very excited about the future of Go Deep Freediving.


With all my years in freediving, I started to notice something…

Freediving used to be a small industry, but while the market was growing, the number of producers of high-quality freediving gear barely grew. Now, most of the premium freediving gear is heavily overpriced, while because of the lack of other options, the market had to accept this.

And because of this, I wanted to do things differently. Our products needed to be well-engineered. They need to be extensively tested by real freedivers and instructors in real-world situations. And instead of having high margins ourselves, we would focus on volume, and could we give these margins back to dive centres and consumers. Now that we focus on volume, we would have to optimise our distribution and warehousing, making it affordable to ship in large quantities.

I am very proud of our business model and excited about the developments in our industry.

Vincent Sparreboom

SSI Freediving Instructor Trainer / SSI Swim Teacher Trainer / Molchanovs Instructor Trainer / Company Owner & Serial Еntrepreneur

Vincent Sparreboom



The customer is always number 1. They trusted us – they’ve earned our best service.

ONLY High Quality Products

If you stand for something, never compromise! There are enough cheap products in the market, we’ve determined our corporate identity by adding value and quality.

Fair Pricing

Quality and premium gear doesn’t have to be expensive. When you purchase and produce smarter, enhance distribution, both producer (us) and the consumer (you) will benefit from this greatly!


Don’t hide behind a business or website. Always be open and transparent about who you are, what you do and how you organise ‘things’.

Optimised Distribution Channels

By shipping from the Netherlands and China, we optimised our distribution and warehousing and are we able to deliver anywhere in the world fast and affordable.