Are you a dive instructor or a dive centre owner? Then read this! We want to work with you!

We want you and your staff to walk around in the Deep Blue colours of Go Deep Freediving.

But we also understand how important it is to work with solid and reliable partners – this applies to both you and us!

We understand that dive centres are the places freedivers visit. Dive centres are the freediver’s first encounters into the world of freediving. They get new freedivers into the industry and help them grow into real freedivers with outstanding and professional education. Dive centres and instructors introduce beginner freedivers into a brand-new world of freediving, education and quality gear.

On the other hand, we also know that freediving instructors and dive centre owners need reliable partners to grow. Instructors need durable, safe and professional equipment that can withstand the heavy workload of teaching freediving and deep diving. And this freediving gear needs to come at a fair and acceptable price so the instructor can focus more on developing their business.

Furthermore, we would like you to promote the Go Deep brand, and we will support you with this in different ways.

Professional Freediving Buoy with Mesh Cover


Whether you are an independent instructor, dive centre owner, influencer, or agent, we can support you and help you quickly and conveniently grow your business and increase your earnings!


Instructor Equipment And Dive Professional Clothing and Apparel

We have dive professional polo shirts, instructor rashguards, swim caps, and of course, we would like to see your instructors in the Go Deep Smoothskin Wetsuits. And whether you are an independent instructor, maybe with a small team or a large centre, we want to help you with your instructor equipment.

If you order, for example, 2 freediving buoys, 2 bottom-weight straps, 2 bottom plates, etc., we will discount the order by 20%.

With each order with a Minimum Order Quantity of 2, you will get a 20% discount! For stainless steel rigging items, the MOQ doubles and by buying 4 pieces, you qualify for the 20%. For freediving rope, the MOQ is 100meter.

Please note, to qualify for the discount, dive centres need to be listed on Freediving (opens in a new tab).

Independent dive instructors need to send their digital cards to [email protected] – for privacy reasons, the card won’t be kept on archive. We’ll delete the card immediately.

Please register here and email us your wishlist.

We will assign you the dive centre level in our system, meaning you will get the lifetime 20% discount when you reach the needed minimum order quantity.


Dive Centre selling the Go Deep Freediving Gear

We would love it if you could promote our brand, and we will make it worth it – and convenient. Unlike other diving brands, we don’t require $10.000 a year MOQs or business plans – you have better things to do to make a business plan for promoting Go Deep products.

We make it simple for you! If you order 5 pieces of the equipment you want to promote, you will get a 30% discount! Again, with stainless steel rigging items, this number doubles and thus makes it an MOQ of 10pieces, and with rope, the MOQ is 250 meters.

But we can hear you say: Go Deep, I’m only a small dive shop, what on earth do I do with 5 buoys?

Of course, we understand that. But no worries, again, we will make it easy for you. As a small business owner, we know that you don’t want to buy 250-meter rope, 5 buoys or 5 custom-made wetsuits at once. Just order 5 pieces, we will ship out 1 or 2 – as many as you want, and the remaining can be shipped to your shop later or to the different customers once you get their orders.

We’ll keep the items on the shelf, ready for shipping to any address you want – you only pay for shipping.

More retailer information can be found on this page.

To qualify as a dive centre reseller, you need to have a confirmed listing on Freediving (opens in a new tab) and place orders with the minimum MOQ. Please register here and contact us.


Selling the Go Deep Gear without having a dive shop

We work with quite a few independent and freelance instructors who travel, teach from the beach or teach at other dive centres. Of course, we don’t expect travellers to carry around the Go Deep equipment.

We developed the influencer and affiliate program for this group, where you receive your own personalized link to our website. You send this to your customers. Your customers use the link to buy their gear from us, and we give you a commission of 15 or 25%.

Here on this page, you can read more about the different business-to-business solutions we offer.