Freediving Snorkel


Freediving Snorkel

Breath easier with the Go Deep Silicone Freediving Snorkel.

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Freediving Snorkel

Our snorkels are made with high-grade silicone and offer flexibility and comfort as you free dive in the deep blue sea. They’re lightweight, dirt-resistant, and have a big diameter pipe to create an easy breathing experience while allowing the freediver to bend the snorkel to their face curvature. If you’re even remotely interested in freediving, our snorkels are the first thing you need to get started.


Why you need it

  • Bends easily for better comfort while you freedive
  • The lightweight tube has a wide 22mm pipe diameter for easy breathing
  • Comes with a flexible clip that helps mount the snorkel to a mask strap
  • Made with high-grade silicone for flexibility, reliability, and dirt-resistance
  • Comes in various colours: black, pink, rose red, white, yellow

Additional information


Black, Pink, Rose Red, White, Yellow




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