Snorkel Cleaning Brush


Snorkel Cleaning Brush

Take proper care of your freediving gear with our Snorkel Cleaning Brush.


Simple and effective, our Snorkel Cleaning Brush does exactly what it’s meant to do. And that’s to clean your snorkel. All you need to do is get a basic cleaning solution and mix it with water, then soak your snorkel in it while scrubbing the insides. Do this regularly, and your snorkel will look brand new every time you use it.


Why you need it

  • Easily cleans your freediving snorkel, so it looks brand new
  • Comes with two brushes: 20mm and 30mm diameter, both 60mm long.


How to use

  • Get a cleaning solution (dishwashing soap can work) and mix it with water
  • Soak your snorkel in the solution, and clean the outside with a sponge
  • Scrub the inside of the snorkel with the brush, and wash off any dirt inside

Additional information


Stainless Steel, Nylon


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