As a dive equipment retailer, promoting your business and maximizing profits depend largely on the source of your products. When you work with the right company, getting quality equipment, supplying them to your customers on time, and various other core areas of your business suddenly becomes a breeze.

You want to work with a company that genuinely values your efforts and supports your retail business by all means, and that’s where Go Deep Freediving comes in.

Whether you own a dive centre, an online store, or you’re a reseller, we are passionate about supporting and helping you scale up your business. With high-quality kits, pocket-friendly prices, vast shipping options, dropshipping, marketing materials, and so on, you can’t go wrong with partnering with us.

More importantly, we will gladly work with you even if you’re a small-scale business as we do not make large orders mandatory to become an official reseller. We can work with small MOQs and ship them out daily or even drop ship to your customers. That’s how much we love to see you thrive!

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Smart Pricing and flexible shipping to accommodate small and large companies!

Now suppose you buy five freediving lanyards, and you want to have two shipped to your store for display and inventory, and the rest dropped shipped to different customers; we can do just that.

Interestingly, you get a discount of 30% on your order of 5 pieces and only pay for the additional shipping fees, and we will take care of the processing.

We are using the smart pricing and flexible shipping options for all the items. If you want to qualify for the 30% retailer discount on our custom-made smoothskin wetsuit, we don’t need to ship all items at once. You place your order, secure the discount and one-by-one you order the wetsuits, and you only pay for the shipping later on – smart, flexible and convenient.

Intuitive dashboard to help businesses stay organized

Finally, as our reseller, you will have access to the resellers’ dashboard with its wide variety of features, including shopping lists, bundles and bulk orders, special offers, order processing, tracking, teams and subaccounts and much more.

By partnering with us, we help you take your retail business to the next level.

Please register here and contact us to qualify as an official Go Deep retailer.


Retailers and the Minimum Order Quantity

There is no need for a $5.000 or even $10.000 order to get started, no large MOQ, no interviews or complicated registration processes. We wanted to keep our retailer conditions simple convenient and make them accessible for all aspiring business owners, big or small.

Retailer Dashboard

Retailer orders are considered orders with a certain Minimum Order Quantity.

  • List item image
    Buoys, fins, lanyards, bottom plates, weight straps, wetsuits, polos, rash guards, swim caps, snorkels, and the equalization tools all have a MOQ of 5 pieces.
  • List item image
    The stainless-steel rigging materials all have a MOQ of 10 pieces – different sizes are acceptable.
  • List item image
    The freediving rope has a MOQ of 250meters and the surface line an MOQ of 50meter.

And again, whether it is rope, buoys, fins or weight straps – we can keep them in stock for you and ship them individually when it’s needed for you.